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Vacant Property Cleaning Service In Auckland

Many times property managers or owners don’t necessarily realize the advantages available to them to keep a property well maintained when it is vacant. You being on this page says a lot in that you are not only aware of this opportunity, but want to do something about it. Normally when you opt for property cleaning, the professional sent by the cleaning company can face various problems while cleaning the place up. With a vacant home many of these problems are virtually non-existent allowing for a deeper, more thorough clean.
For instance, cleaning around furniture will only leave you with entire problem spots that will need to be addressed at a later time.
Sometimes our technicians are able to assist in the moving of furniture and other items around a home but depending on the current tenant that is not always an option.
On the other hand, if your property is completely vacant cleaning a home not only becomes a much easier task but you can also ensure that you get the best results possible.
If you are the property manager or owner of a vacant property you should really take advantage of the unique opportunity that Clean Choice can provide for both vacant home cleaning and vacant property cleaning.
Here is a list of the general cleaning tasks performed with our Vacant and Commercial Property Cleaning Service

Dust Common Areas           
Vacuum carpets & floors
Window sills
Dust baseboard
Wipe cabinets inside & out
All appliances inside & out
Sink, Faucet, Drain
Clean Behind Fridge & Stove
Counter tops
Flat mop floors
Light switches wiped down
Door frames wiped down
Flat mop floors
Countertops/ sink
Cabinets inside & out
Flat Mop
Dust baseboard


If you are a Property Manager or Landlord, you know that many tenants leave rental properties a mess, 
Sandra’s Rental Property Cleaning Services offers a rental property cleaning or turnover service that may be perfect for you.
We understand the complexity of getting rental properties ready for the new tenants and it’s our primary goal to deliver quality, efficient, and reliable services that you may depend on at any time! Furthermore, 
we offer discounted rates to insure a cost-efficient turnover process that you will be able to extend to all your customers and property owners.
Be sure to call today to get a free quote and schedule services through one of our friendly representatives. 

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    They did a great job! This was a one-time cleaning but I really liked what they did, I am thinking about using them on a recurring basis!
    Andrea Warren